Monday, March 4, 2013

Slice 4

This morning I was awoken by the sweet sounds of wildlife...birds mostly, but I felt like I was living in the middle of an enchanted forest.  It was 5:50 A.M., and it put me in the nicest mood.  I felt like Snow White!  The funny thing about this is that I live in an old neighborhood in the middle of a fairly large city.  I marvel that hawks and owls can thrive in such an urban environment.

Too bad that we are springing forward on Sunday.  When I think about when life seems hardest, it is always when I've had to get up in the pre-dawn hours.  In the summer, I have no difficulty being up by 6 A.M., but when it is pitch dark out (and cold) it is another story.  I really can't figure out who this time change benefits.  Often, friends tell me that they enjoy having the extra hour in the evening, but invariably, their jobs don't demand an early rise and I truly can't figure out how the extra hour of evening daylight could make a dramatic difference.

So, I'll enjoy my taste of singing birds and gradual morning light only to have it yanked away.  In the end, I'll get it back once again.  By mid-April, the birds will sing to wake me once again.


  1. I also enjoy the brighter mornings. I dread the colder darker mornings.

  2. Yes, the mornings are so precious now with their sunlit kisses and the promise of spring....yet I hear a blizzard is on its way...sigh....March snows do not last!

  3. I like your attitude, Lorelei... that you looking forward to getting the birds' morning songs back soon... :) Thanks for sharing. It made me smile. :)

  4. Yikes! Glad I read your post tonight. I didn't know that the time change was happening so soon. Like you, I love the light in the morning. I also love being able to walk my dog when it's light after school, however. Oh well, another few weeks and we will have it all!