Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slice 7

     To be honest, my childhood was spent with very feminine communicators.  Namely, my entire family provided supportive feedback (mmmmhmmm, I see!), we used our hands to illustrate our meanings, and --most importantly-- we varied our pitches to indicate our emotional states.

     Once I got married, I really had to adjust.  Even when I asked my husband a direct question, I was greeted with silence.  If I asked it again, he'd tell me he heard me the first time. 

     To this day, if I'm telling a story or giving options, he becomes alarmed and asks me to get to the point.  I'm giving, he tells me, too much information!

     One thing that really bothered me in the early years was the lack of emotion in his voice.   He would deadpan.  Good lasagna...

     In a move reminiscent of Groundhog Day, he'd tell me, "I went back for seconds.  Don't you think that means I like it?" or "The way I say the words is not as important as the words I say."

     I beg to differ!

     But 15 years of marriage does have its benefits.  I have worn the poor man down.  And it's even become something of a joke.

     My husband will open his eyes wide, smile, raise his voice a register and say, "Wow, Baby!  That lasagna was extra delicious!"

    At least when he's in a good mood.

    And do you know what I call that?  




  1. Beautiful! Yes, I'd call that love! What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love indeed. Good for him for getting a clue and for doing it for you.

  3. Yes; that's love. And, that's a conversation we've had at our house too. Maybe after 15 years, my husband will add a little oomph to his responses as well ;). Nice slice.

  4. Great work and lots of patience, but these things called relationships are not easy. Right now I'm watching American Idol, and my partner is counting the minutes...

  5. So true....after lots of patience....the menfolk get the message!