Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slice 6

I'm experimenting today with an image related to my topic. In a discussion with my BFF the other day, we decided that we really enjoy the blogs with pics.  I don't always have a photo of my own that fits, though.  What do you think?  Does this pull you in?  Or is it just kitschy?

Do you remember the show X Files?  I've been watching it nightly with my kids recently, and it's been a blast.  Amazingly, the production values for 1993 (I WAS 19!!!) were great.  By the way, it you'd like to see it, you can stream it on Netflix.

Anyhow, the particular episode that leads to my slice has to do with a computer system that takes over a building and MURDERS PEOPLE that attempt to interfere with it.

The first scene shows an arrogant CEO being trapped in the bathroom and electrocuted by the computer operating system.

Incidentally, my son (just shy of 8 by four days) is somehow terrified of being alone in bathrooms.  For the longest time (and to my absolute chagrin) he'd demand that I stand outside of the bathroom each time he visited.  To this day, he keeps up a running conversation during his entire tenure.  I find this exasperating as he expects cogent answers when I'm not always in the mood for an in depth conversation.

When he runs out of things to say, or he's just really desperate, he'll call, "Mom?  Mom? Mom?"

"WHAT???"  I normally crank out (in the crankiest fashion imaginable)

"I love you."

Damn!  I am such a lousy mom, I think.

But X Files made it all make sense.  Now that I know the dangers of the bathroom, I will never again snap at his natural fear.

"See, Mom?"  Seth says.  "That's why I don't like being alone in bathrooms.  Especially ones with no windows.  At least I can escape through a window!"

Thank goodness our bathroom has windows (I don't allow computers in there either).

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  1. I love the connections between NORMAL childhood fears and concerns and the CRAZY X files world (too scary for my to ever watch - but not my family)!